Why electronic tickets?

Why electronic tickets?

The advent of the electronic ticket is the result of the evolution of the air transport industry and the whole tourism industry. It was born along with the progress of internet, the greatest invention of the twentieth century.

The electronic ticket offers many advantages for travellers, as well as for airlines and travel agencies:
– It is convenient, flexible, secure, cheap and practical from the moment of its booking to boarding. It was created to make life more simple for all of us.
– You can book and buy it at any time 24/7 without leaving your home or office.
– You can pay using an online form of payment: card, PayPal, banking transfer and other payment systems.
– You may buy it not only for yourself but also for your friends and relatives living in another city or country.
– It is possible to check your booking online anytime 24/7.
– You will receive immediately the assurance of obtaining the service.
– Many online booking systems use loyalty programs that offer to their clients discounts and bonuses.
– Easy airport and online check-in.
– At check-in, you need to have only your passport.
– It is impossible to lose, steal, destroy or forget it at home before check-in. Print the electronic ticket as many time as you like, or store it to your tablet or smartphone. You can also resend it to your travel companions that travel with you, or to your friends and relatives that will pick you up from the airport.
– If your fare permits you can cancel or change it anytime 24/7 up to departure.
– All notifications regarding flights delays and flight cancellations can be sent through e-mail and SMS.
– Saving on travel expenses, the system will choose automatically the best fare.
– It is totally automated and cuts employee costs.
– It is environmentally friendly.

The disadvantages are few:
– You need constant access to the Internet.
– If you don’t use or you are unfamiliar with computers, e-mails, smartphones and tablets, you will find the e-ticket technology confusing. But when you get used to it, you will find it very convenient.

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