What cosmetics can I take on board?

What cosmetics can I take on board?

For the protection of the passengers, there are several restrictions concerning the carriage of liquids in carry-on (hand) luggage. This restrictions refer to water, lotions, perfumes, sprays, aerosols, gels, including hair gels, shower gel, gel eye shadow, lip gloss, mascara, creams, including foundations:

  • you can carry on in your hand luggage only a small amount of the above mentioned products that should be packed in containers not exceeding 100 ml
  • all cosmetic products that are until 100 ml are ok to be carried in your hand luggage
  • these containers and the products that are until 100 ml must be placed in zip lock clear bag of a maximum capacity of 1 liter
  • the clear bag with the products is per person
  • if the products’ original packaging is over 100ml, even if partially filled, will be rejected at the airport; you should transfer it in 100ml travel bottles or pack it in your checked bag
  • the cosmetic products must fit easily in the clear bag
  • many cosmetics company sell travel size products
  • eye drops are treated like medicines and you may carry them in container bigger than 100ml, it should be reported separately during  airport safety control.

The solid cosmetic products like powder or powder consistence, like eye shadows, or solid eye, brow or lip pencils, solid soap, you don’t need to worry just throw them in your bag, they aren’t a problem.

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