How to choose the best seat. Seat types: advantages and disadvantages

How to choose the best seat. Seat types: advantages and disadvantages

– How to choose the best seat in the airplane?
– Where are the most comfortable seats?
–  If you intend to sleep in the airplane, is it possible? How to get such seat?

These questions are asked not only by travellers that are flying for the first time by plane, but also by those who travel often. It is very important that during the flight a person feels comfortable and the journey leaves only pleasant impressions. For those who travel for the first time by plane it is essential to have a nice experience and enjoy the flight. A wrong chosen seat causes discomfort for the entire trip and brings dissatisfaction and in some cases unwillingness to fly again. Those who fly often know how important is the comfort during a flight, especially if it is a long haul one, therefore, they tend to book seats well in advance, choosing the best one.
Thus, to spend a wonderful time on the board of the plane, it is good to know where the best places in the plane are located. The choice of the most comfortable seat depends on a number of factors, the main of which is its cost. The cabin is divided into three classes – first, business and economy.  Hence, when you buy economy class tickets, you need to foresee in advance which seat to choose.
On the plane different seat types have advantages over others:

Window seats
Are the most popular. Allow you to look out the window and admire the beauty of the sky and clouds.  It is a perfect seat if your are going to sleep or read, which requires better illumination. Last but not the least no one will bother you.
You’ll have to disturb your seatmate to go to the bathroom or access your carry-on bag (tips: put all your necessary things in the bag that you stow under the seat in front of you, so you will not bother your seatmate).
You may also have slightly less floor space due to the curvature of the plane, and the wall can be quite cool. Depending on the time of flight: if you travel in the night, you will not be able to admire something.

Aisle seats
They make it easy to get out and off the plane.  You can stretch your legs in the aisle without obstacles, go to the bathroom and access anytime you want your carry-on bag. This is the best seat for tall persons flying in economy class, that gives an opportunity to stretch the legs and relax.
It is one of the most “noise” seat. People and flying attendants passing by with trolleys that occasionally can hurt you . Each time you need to stand up to let your seatmates pass. On long flights, it’s hard to sleep with people walking by and seatmates climbing over you.

Middle seats
Combine the disadvantages of both aisle and window seats without the advantages of either, although passengers may still be able to see the view from the window. The only advantage: is more quiet than the aisle seat and it is easier to stand up  than the window seat . However, you will have to let your seatmate pass if he wants to go to the bathroom, or to access his carry-on bag for example.

Seats over the wing
This is the best seat for nervous fliers, those that  feel dizzy during the flight,  have airsickness, or fear of flying, because there is less turbulence. Also, this seats are for those who hate turbulence. This is the most stable seats on board.
It is not suitable for  lover of sky and clouds view there may be no window view at all.

The seat with the entertainment box
It is available on a well-equipped aircraft, but this can create a discomfort  because you cannot stretch your legs, nor even stash your stuff.  Poor stretching space for the foot can be a source of discomfort on a long howl  flights.

Exit row seats
Are located next to the emergency exit rows and have some extra leg room. You also have easier access to the aisles regardless of whether you are sitting in an exit or the aisle seat.
When you choose these seats you had to listen to a flight attendant explain how to operate the exit row door in case of emergency. The tray tables are tucked into the armrests on some aircraft and you can’t lift the armrests, the seats do not recline which could affect your comfort on a longer flight, in order not to block the emergency exit. Some carriers may require to store all your hand baggage in the overhead compartment. You must be physically capable and willing to perform emergency actions when seated in emergency or exit rows and you must be 15 years of age or older. The passengers in these seats are required to help attendants. You might not be allowed to sit there if you are physically unable to help, like deaf or blind or other physical problems, if you are a child or supervising a child or if you are pregnant.  If you’re very tall you may sometimes get these seats without paying but don’t count on it. Ask specifically at check-in and state the reason you want one.

Bulkhead seats
Divide the plane into different section or classes (business, economy). There is no seat in front of you and no one can recline into your space. The legroom is different from other seats – sometimes better but sometimes worse. The bulkhead seats often can be outfitted with infant bassinets and most airlines reserve them for families with infants, thus uou have a chance of being seated next to a baby. All your hand baggage you have to store in the overhead compartment.

Seats in the front of the plane
You can debark as quickly as possible on arrival and when the food is served you can choose from variety of beverages and food. The food serving starts from the front side of the plane.  The turbulence is felt less. These are the best  and most comfortable seats for passengers traveling with small children.
The front rows usually are offered to the families with small children. If you are going to rest or work during your flight, you will travel in the neighborhood of a child. This does not give you the desired comfort and quietness.

Seats in the back of the plane
Usually few people wish to sit in the last row, or if the flight is not full of passengers, back seats often stay empty, thus you can comfortably seat (or sleep) on 2 or 3 seats. There is no one sitting behind you to disturb you constantly pushing the feet against your seatback. Small children are sitting far away from you (the space designated for babies and toddlers are in the front row seats) and are considered the safest seats.
When the food is served, because the serving starts from the front rows, you will be limited in choosing from variety of beverages and food. Also, if close to the lavatories or a galley, you may be bothered by passengers or odors. The seats do not recline which could affect your comfort on a longer flight. The seats are not the best choice for nervous fliers, those that  feel dizzy during the flight, have airsickness or fear of flying, because the turbulence is felt more in the airplane’s tail .

Here is a list of seats advantages and disadvantages. Please note, that you should take into account the structure of aircraft that differ one from another: the number of the seats in the row (1,2,3,4), the space between the seats, the number of classes, the location of the bathroom, the presence of TV,  power outlets and other particularities. Also the same airline company can use different types of aircraft for the flight. All this information can be easily found on the airline website. The advantages and disadvantages of various seats on many aircraft can be viewed at SeatGuru,  This is a very useful website for travellers. You can find all information about seats, airplane structure and other useful tips.

Extra-tips on how to choose best seat in airplane:
– Take a look at the aircraft seats map available on most airlines’ websites. You can also contact the airline and talk to an airline’s representative. Before the flight  define clearly what is important for you, to have a window view, to have more leg space, or quite zone.
– In cases you get a seat that is not comfortable for you, you can change it. How you will do? Once the last passenger took his seat on the board, you can see which seats are available. Don’t be shy and choose one that suits you. All this you should do, before plane take-off, you have 5 minutes. Another tip: if you enter the last one  in the plane, you can see how many seats are free and where they are located and choose the best one to sit.
– Some airlines can let you fly in business class, even if you have economy class ticket. If a business class seat is empty, you can try to sit and if the flying attendant will let you fly, you can enjoy all facilities of business class seat.
– However, it would be better to choose the seats in advance using online check-in or seats advance purchase. Both can be completed on airlines’ website.
– Remember, all ticket types offer allocated seating. If you know exactly what seat do you prefer, you can ask for it at the check-in desk, like window, aisle seat, in the front or back of the airplane. You will be offered a seat from remaining seats after on-line check-in registration.
In some airports you can check-in via self-check-in kiosks and choose your preferred seat. This can also be done by online check-in on the respective airline’s website.

Read more about seat selection here and online check-in here

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